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Sprawler is both in its developmental stage and pre-alpha stage. A release has recently come, and can be found in the Downloads section. If you would like to help with Sprawler, please go to the Help/Donations Wanted Page for more information about helping us out.

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Welcome to the Sprawler Home page on sourceforge.net. Both this Web page and the Sprawler software are currently under construction, so bear with us.

As you may or may not know, we need all the help we can get with Sprawler, as it is no easy task to build a search engine that could possibly the best ever built. And our goal is just that. Do you think you can help us?

What we need is people who know how to program in C and/or Perl, and/or a Patent Lawyer(s), and who are willing to give their services at no cost. This is an open source project, not a company project, so we cannot pay anyone who helps us out. If you cannot do any of the above, but would still like to help out the developers of Sprawler, donations will also be accepted.

Please explore this page and all its links for all the info we have. If you would like to check out a "Lite" version of Sprawler, then go to www.sprawler.com or beta.sprawler.com and have a little fun searching through the www.freebsd.org pages indexed by Sprawler.

On a side note, keep in mind that this page is under construction, so if you find any bugs in this page (aka broken links, false info, gross neglegence, etc) please e-mail rdickey@sprawler.com. Thank you.

This page last updated: Jan 20, 2004

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