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Sprawler is both in its developmental stage and pre-alpha stage. A release has recently come, and can be found in the Downloads section. If you would like to help with Sprawler, please go to the Help/Donations Wanted Page for more information about helping us out.

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Help/Donations Wanted

Personnel Help:

So you want to help out Sprawler but you don't quite know how? Or you want to help and you know how, you're just checking this page out for grins? Either way, there is a number of positions we need filled, and none of them pay quite as well as... who are we kidding? It's open source, they don't pay. So, now that you know that, here are the positions we need filled:

  • Patent Attorney
    Yes, first and foremost we need this, a patent attorney, also known as a patent lawyer. This is to assure that our ideas stay our ideas, and are not "stolen" by a search engine company. We don't want to publish our open source code then have, say, google or yahoo to take our idea/code, and sue us for stealing their ideas. So basically we need a patent lawyer for insurance purposes.
  • Developer/Programmer
    This is just what it sounds like. Should you choose to accept this position, you'll be writing code in either Perl or C. If you know both, great. If you only know one, don't worry, you can learn the other one, or do most of your work in just one.
  • Documentation Writer Good at interpreting code and figuring things out? You like programming but have a liberal arts degree? Or you want to be a developer and then some? Well then you can help us write the docs. Keep in mind this becomes increasingly important as Sprawler grows bigger and more widely used and downloaded, because people need to be able to set up their own sprawler search engine, not just use it.
      Sound interesting? If you fit into any of these descriptions, E-mail Eric Anderson and he'll add you to the team.

Monetary Help:

But wait, you want to help out Sprawler, but don't have the time or know-how? Well, we will accept your donations of any amount, and will recognize you here or elsewhere on the website as a donator. But not yet. Please check back later for actual information on donations.

Hardware Donations:

We're going to need a lot of hardware for the project, so we're interested in almost anything you have that is reasonably useful. In particular, we're looking for the following hardware items:

  • large ide drives (100Gb or more)
  • network cards (pci, 100mbit or 1000mbit, FreeBSD/Linux compatible)
  • 100mbit full duplex switches
  • 1000mbit switches
  • network cables (all sizes, pxe boot a plus)
  • pci ide controller boards
  • power strips, UPS's
  • Machines - we'll need a large number of machines to support the indexer initially, and then a large number for the search page. We're looking for some good machines, used or new, with the following general specs:
    • CPU: 1Ghz or better (Intel, AMD, VIA)
    • Memory: 384mb or more
    • hard disk? any size
    • Machines must be functional (ie. non-broken), we don't want to spend a lot of time fixing/testing hardware. The smaller the better, as we have limited space for all this.
  • Bandwidth - if you run an ISP in the Austin, TX area, and would like to donate a fast internet connection, we'd be eternally grateful, and don't mind putting you in our special sponsors area on the site.
We'd love to see some support from any large (or small) PC manufacturer.

Please send donation information and questions to donations@sprawler.com.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Sprawler and the whole development team. Check back often for updated information.

This page last updated: Jan 20, 2004

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