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Sprawler is both in its developmental stage and pre-alpha stage. A release has recently come, and can be found in the Downloads section. If you would like to help with Sprawler, please go to the Help/Donations Wanted Page for more information about helping us out.

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Release Information

Sprawler Lite

Sprawler Lite is a smaller simpler version of Sprawler that was created to be used for indexing a relatively small number of web pages. It can be tested at http://beta.sprawler.com.
. The latest version can also be downloaded from this link to Sprawler Lite 1.0, or an archive of all downloads can be found on our Downloads page.


Well the time has finally come that we have somewhat of a beta version of Sprawler. It is a smaller simpler version of what will eventually become Sprawler. Currently it only has about 3000 pages from http://www.freebsd.org/ indexed.
The beta version of Sprawler can be tested at http://www.sprawler.com.

Here are our projected Deadlines/Timelines (subject to change without our knowledge) :

  • 03/01/2004 - indexer tools (client/master) complete
  • 03/15/2004 - indexer testing underway, bug fixes applied
  • 04/01/2004 - running indexer constantly, working on building test index
  • 04/15/2004 - search tools complete, ready for testing on test index
  • 05/01/2004 - basic test index of about 10,000 pages for testing/tweaking
  • 05/01/2004 - search tools testing underway, bug fixes applied
  • 06/01/2004 - search tools stablizing, feature additions continue
  • 06/01/2004 - test index grown to 100,000 pages
  • 07/01/2004 - search tools stable - ready for beta site
  • 08/01/2004 - beta site running with 500,000 pages
  • 12/01/2004 - beta site running with 10,000,000 pages
  • 01/01/2005 - beta site running with 20,000,000 pages

This page last updated: Jan 20, 2004

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